About EthODE

EthODE is an open source Debian based Ethereum centered desktop environment aimed at removing the technical limitations of using and working with the Ethereum blockchain through informative media, tutorials, client integration, and automation. Our goal is to simplify the Ethereum ecosystem, allowing anyone with interest to become involved.

EthODE is a full featured Linux distribution built on the Debian code base. It can be used as a day-to-day operating system or a one stop shop for all things Ethereum.

EthODE includes popular Dapps pre-installed as well as custom Dapps built specifically for our distribution. Dapps help simplify Ethereum use by giving you an easy to use interface to the Ethereum ecosystem.

EthODE includes custom built financial tools to help maximize your Ethereum holdings. We use tried and true market analysis to monitor exchanges and predict market moves, allowing autonomous trading which maximizes profits.

EthODE is devoted to helping everyone who wants to learn how to use the Ethereum ecosystem. We’re developing a comprehensive set of educational material and tools that gives you everything you need to unlock Ethereum’s potential.

EthODE is Free Software

EthODE is an Open Source project. We believe that everyone who wants to be involved in the Ethereum Ecosystem should be able to jump in without technical limitations.

We’re a small group of programmers and system administrators who work on this project in our free time. Due to this, we are dependent on the financial support of our users to continue development. We use our own tools to help support the project financially and hope that if you agree with vision, you’ll help us achieve it.